Fashion Dos and Don’ts in Disney World

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Disney fashion has become a pretty hot topic since the expansion of social media. Everyone wants to share their own advice on what to wear and how to wear it for your Disney World vacation. Lucky for you, my dos and don’ts list is pretty short. Actually, it’s only a do’s list, and there’s only one do on there.

Do: Wear whatever it is that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Do you feel confident if you Disney Bound as your favorite character? Rock it! Do you feel comfortable wearing shorts and a t-shirt with your favorite gym shoes? Awesome! Do you feel the most picturesque wearing a dress? Go for it! There is nothing (aside from the rules that Disney has set up) that you can’t wear.

It’s really easy to get caught up in what the trends are. I’m a victim of this, too. I this Disney Bounding is so cool. I love the way that all of the dedicated Disney fans can turn street wear into a look that mimics that of their favorite characters. But, for me, I don’t feel confident in that. Should I feel bad or like I’m not a big enough Disney fan because I don’t Disney Bound? No. But, it’s easy to feel that way. I also love the looks that I see on Pinterest and Instagram posts. The outfits that people put together are always so cute and trendy. But, I know myself and I know my body. Those looks aren’t going to be the same on me as they are on others.

So, pack up your favorite outfits. What is it that you tend to lean toward when you’re getting dressed each day? What are the looks that you have felt the most comfortable and confident in? That’s what you should bring with you to Disney World. If you want to take a risk and try something new, go for it! There’s nothing holding you back. Just don’t pack up your suitcase in hopes that you will live up to the expectations of social media Disney fashion. Disney World is about being able to get away from the real world, be a kid again, and have fun. No one needs the added pressure of lacking confidence or comfort. Be YOU, always.

I lied. This blog does actually have one don’t. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself with your Disney fashion. Express who you are, embrace what makes you confident, and don’t ever try to be something you’re not.