The Angry Disney Reviewer and The New York Post: My Response

There has been something in the air lately that has been making everyone hate on millennials who love Disney. If you haven’t seen what the angry reviewer said, I can sum it up nicely for you. Basically, if you are an adult without kids, you should be BANNED from Disney. Disney is a place only for parents and their children and everyone else should not be allowed in. She also may have used some rude, derogatory language to describe a young woman who got a pretzel, but I’ll leave that out of this for now.

This review, albeit funny to read, has lead to quite a few outlets standing up for young adults and their right to visit Disney if they want to. However, one Johnny Oleksinski of the New York Post decided to write up this article. He has every right to do so, and I have every right to tell him why he’s wrong. Let’s begin:

First of all, Johnny made a nice little claim that all of us born between the years of 1981 and 1996 remain constant 12 year olds. Because planning a week (or more) long vacation, strategically scheduling out your time and how to make the most of your trip, budgeting yourself for months beforehand, and traveling alone to a destination all while working full time, some of us working more than one job to pay off all that fun college debt, is something that 12 year olds frequently do. Things must have really changed since I was 12.

Johnny then rants that we should be spending our time seeing non-Disney movies in the theaters, and that’s such an irrelevant point that I don’t even need to get into it. However, he follows that with talking about how a trip to Europe is the same price as a trip to Disney World, and we should explore meeting people that are different from ourselves. Johnny must not know much about Disney World at all if he thinks that there is no single person there that isn’t from the United States. Not only is Disney World one of the most popular theme park destinations in the world, but Disney World has made a name for themselves with how they incorporate people from other countries into their parks and resorts. Does Johnny know that all of the countries in EPCOT have cast members from that country representing? Does Johnny know that you can speak directly with people from those countries to learn about the culture and history of where they’re from? Does Johnny know that, instead of having to take 11 trips to different countries to speak with people about their experiences there, they can just walk into EPCOT and experience it that way? Not to mention that you can head over to Animal Kingdom and speak with even more cast members from Africa and Asia?

I appreciate what Johnny is trying to say here. It’s important for people to gain experiences outside of what we know and are used to. But having little to no knowledge on the Disney World parks and the opportunities for experiences they have there is not the best look.

Johnny continues to go on about how much a Disney World vacation costs and how us non-parent millennials should choose to branch out and visit other countries instead of Disney World. Because, as usual, millennials are KILLING international’s travel!!!! Millennials kill everything these days, so just add that to the list, Johnny.

I choose to visit Disney World because it’s a place where I made memories with my family as a kid. Just because I’m 25 without kids doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for my to enjoy visiting and reliving my childhood memories. Disney World is a place where I can go, walk around and explore and remember moments with people that I no longer have here in my life. Why that’s so offensive to people is something I’ll never know.

Disney World’s innovation in their attractions, resorts, experiences and more also fascinates me. To me, there is something so special and interesting about a company that puts so much though into each and every thing that they do. Yes, people like Johnny will roll their eyes at this, but it’s true. When Disney World was creating the Morocco pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase, Morocco’s emperor sent his personal architect to Florida to help with the creation of the buildings and scenery. When Disney World decided to build Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom, the Disney Imagineers flew to Nepal and spent time with the people there to get accurate ideas of what the Himalayan mountains really looked like, what the local villages looked like, and spoke with believers of the Yeti to determine what natives believe that creature actually is. That is a level of attention to detail that shouldn’t be disregarded.

Disney makes me happy. Disney makes a lot of us childless millennials happy. The fact that people doing things that make them happy is such a problems is really mind blowing to me. But, you can all keep ranting and raving about how millennials are running everything. I’ll be riding Space Mountain and having the time of my life in Disney World. Thanks!

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