Disney World News & Updates

Hey everyone! There’s been quite a bit going on in the Disney realm this past week. I’m sure you may have heard the rumblings, but if you haven’t, I’m here to get you filled in.

First and foremost, Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy just opened! This is a completely new show that has come to Hollywood Studios in Disney World. It is located over by Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. If you want to hear some more information about the show itself and how you will experience it, head over to Disney Parks Blog!

Something that you may or may not agree with also come up this week. Disney announced that Disney World and Disneyland will become smoke-free inside the parks starting on May 1. Now, there will still be locations outside of the parks that will be designated smoking areas. When this was announced, I saw quite a few people saying they had never run into any issued with the designated smoking areas as they stand right now. However, I definitely did on my most recent trip. The smell was very obvious as I would walk past some of the areas, and it was a bummer that these tucked away spaces couldn’t be used as areas to sit and relax. I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that this is the main reason why this change has been made. Disney is expecting a large influx of park guests once Galaxy’s Edge opens at both locations, so they need to absolutely maximize all of the space inside the parks. What may seem very small to us is obviously very important to the higher-ups in Disney, seeing as they are planning to use that space for crowd control purposes.

On that note, they have also limited the stroller size and will crack down on the use of stroller wagons inside the parks, as well. This one is hard for me. As a 24 year-old girl without kids, I do believe the new stroller dimensions and the elimination of stroller wagons could lead to the crowd flow to be more streamlined. However, I do understand that families with small children may be affected by this. The stroller dimensions seems pretty straightforward. The less wide a stroller is, the easier it is to push it around through a largely crowded area. The stroller wagons seem to be where some of the questions are coming up. While changes like this are never easy, we have to remember that Disney is never putting these rules in place to cause families problems or stress. There is legitimate reasoning behind it and, though I don’t know the exact reasoning, it is all for the safety, security, and crowd control of the parks. To learn more about the new rules, and see a nice easy to follow infographic, check out Know Before You Go.

As always, I will keep you updated with the major things that happen in Disney news. If you ever have any questions, leave a comment!

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