Which Minnie Ears are Right for You?

Well folks… We are long past the days where there was a small batch of options when it comes to Minnie Mouse Ears. What was once an easy decision has been made infinitely harder by the influx of options from Disney. Now, for someone like me, I don’t really like to have to choose. They are all so cute, unique, and fun to wear. But, at $27.99 each, we eventually have to decide on one (or three) that are worth our money.

I have to say, Disney has really upped their ear game in the last few months. When I was planning for our Disney trip in late January, I almost had a tough time deciding on which 3 pairs of ears I wanted to get. You see, I have this little, teeny tiny Disney addiction. I didn’t want to wear the same ears all 3 days that we spent at the parks. So I knew I had to narrow it down. I had it all planned out. I would order one pair online, my boyfriend wanted to get me a pair as part of a gift, and I would buy one pair at Disney Springs on the first day of our trip. I knew I wanted to get the Rose Gold ears, and the Millennial Pink were definitely up there too. But, as I was browsing online, I was having a difficult time coming up with the third option. Eventually, I settled on a pair that is black with white polka dots with a red bow, all sequined. My lovely boyfriend, James, bought me the Millennial Pink pair, and I went into Disney World with a budget that included $28 for the Rose Gold pair.

During my time at Disney Spring, though, I ran into a little problem. The (then) brand new Potion Purple ears were now an option, and it was really throwing me for a loop. Plus, seeing the Iridescent ears in person added them to the mix too. In this moment, I really had to determine what I was going to do. Minnie ears are an investment. I’m sure that sounds ridiculous and, honestly, it probably is. But, for me, it was about more than just what I think is cute in that moment. I really had to take a step back and think about all of the different important details to decide how to pick my Minnie ears. You came here to learn about how to choose your ears, and now that my long anecdote is done, I’m going to get into it.

My first thought was, “what is going to match with my clothes the most?” I’ll be honest, I have a pretty boring sense of fashion. I wear a lot of neutral colors. You’ll see me in a lot of black, gray, various shades of brown/tan, army green, maroon, and occasionally some denim. So, for me, I knew I couldn’t go with some crazy, bright color because it wouldn’t fit in with my wardrobe during the trip. As much as I loved the way the Potion Purple ears looked, and I really did love the color, the fact that they would look out of place with my outfits bumped them out of the competition.

Next, I did something that maybe not everyone does. I had to see how the color of the ears did or didn’t contrast with my hair. This is where I got really nervous about the Rose Gold ears. I had seen so many people wearing them, and I though they were super cute. But, I have blonde balayage hair. I was very concerned that the color of my hair would look strange with the Rose Gold ears. If they were too close in color, which I was worried they would be, would it look weird wearing them? Would the ears just look like part of my hair? Would the fact that they blended in look good instead of bad? This was something I very much paid attention to when trying them on. This is also the reason that I didn’t decide to buy the Rose Gold ears online. I knew that I would want to see the way they looked with my hair before buying them.

Now, something I didn’t know I would have to pay attention to until I bought the polka dot ears online was the shape of the ears. In my brain, I just figured that every single pair would fit the exact same way. They’re all Minnie Mouse ears produced by Disney. Each pair is the same just with a different color or design, right? WRONG. Something I noticed with the polka dot ears is that the actual ears themselves are set more towards the sides of the headband rather than the top, whereas other ears have the ears set more toward the top. While I still really like the polka dot ears, the way they fit on my head does look a little bit off in comparison. That’s a pair that I wish I would have tried on before I bought them.

Last, but certainly not least, you have to be comfortable in going for what you want. There is always going to be a “trend” going around in the Disney community with the most popular new ears. Like I said, Potion Purple was the cool, new thing when I went on my most recent Disney vacation. As much as I wanted to be “a part” of the trend, I knew that I didn’t really love that pair as much as I did the Rose Gold. (Spoiler, I ended up choosing the Rose Gold over the Iridescent ears.) Rose Gold was definitely way “out of style” as far as the trend goes. But that didn’t stop me from swiping my card to buy them. I knew that they matched my clothes the best, looked the best on, and checked off all the boxes for me.

This blog probably seems really drawn out for just a pair of ears. But, honestly, I think it’s more important now than ever. Since the beginning of this year alone, Disney has come out with a lot of new pairs of ears. With so many to choose from, you really have to sit back and decide which pair is the best for you. Now, we have Potion Purple, Jasmine, Mint & Pink, Floral, Cinderella Castle, Small World, Donut, and probably more than I’m forgetting. It’s very easy to walk into the World of Disney store at Disney Springs and want to leap right at the most popular or most “stand out” pair of ears you see. But, next time you’re shopping, remember the things to think about.

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