Disney World Breaking News

We have some new information regarding Star Wars Galaxy’s edge via Disney Parks Blog. We have official opening dates for the brand new land at both Disney World and Disneyland. Disneyland will open first on May 31, while Disney World’s will open on August 29.

Within my own research, I was absolutely expecting the Disney World opening date to be about a month later than this. This is just my own silly research, but I was looking up resort prices for late summer/early fall. It seemed like the prices were up a good amount higher for the first few weeks of October than they were early/mid September. This lead me to believe that October would definitely be our opening date for Star Wars Land in Disney World.

But, as Disney Park Blog noted, it is seemingly opening a little earlier than expected because everyone is so excited. I mean, of course we are! This has been extremely talked about and hyped up since it was first announced. The new rides seem to be innovative, the land very immersive, and the dining unique. There is a lot to be excited about here, and I guess that excitement is leading to an early opening!

For me, I could see a lot of the Star Wars Land construction when we visited Disney World in late January. It looked well on its way to being ready. From what I could see driving to and from the park, and in the park itself, the theming for this will be on par (if not more extravagant) as Pandora. If you don’t think I’m looking into how to make it back to Disney World before the end of the year, you’re very wrong.

What else could this mean for Disney World? As you may have seen on other Disney World blogs, YouTube channels, and various social media accounts, the Disney Skyliner has been in testing lately. We have seen picture and video of the Skyliner gondolas being tested. I would assume that the Skyliner should be open by the opening date of Galaxy’s Edge. It would be very nice for Disney World to have another transportation system to and from Hollywood Studios with the mass crowds they will have there. Does this mean we will get an opening date for the Skyliner system soon? Maybe!

As far as other Hollywood Studios action, the only thing I am left wondering about is Mickey’s Runaway Railway. Disney World has seemed to stay pretty quiet about this new attraction that is taking over the former home of The Great Movie Ride (R.I.P). Hopefully, we can get some more information about this soon. I’m not sure that the Galaxy’s Edge opening dates release will affect Mickey’s Runaway Railway at all. But here’s to hoping!

How do you feel about the opening dates in Disneyland and Disney World? Is it what you expected? Let me know!

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