How to Make The Best of Disney World Transportation

Staying at a Disney World resort comes with its perks. You get to head into the parks early or stay out late for Extra Magic Hours, you get the benefit of immersing yourself in Disney for your entire trip, and you get complimentary bus, boat, and/or monorail service from your resort to the various Disney World theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. Some will say the Disney World transportation is unreliable. I’m here to tell you how to take advantage of the transportation, and what options you have when you’re visiting Disney World.

I personally love the fact that the Disney resorts give you the different transportation options. Even if it’s not something I use every single time I go anywhere on Disney property, having the option is a huge plus for me. But, inevitably, we will all have a time during our Disney World trip where we sit back and wonder if waiting in the transportation line is really the best use of our time.

One time I would say you should ALWAYS take advantage of Disney World transportation is when you aren’t in a time crunch. For me, at the end of any given night, I never even thought about grabbing an Uber or finding a different way back to our hotel. The parks are closed and I’m in no rush to get back to my resort. Now, this isn’t necessarily going to apply to EVERYONE. If you have small kids, they may be fussy and needing to get to bed. If that’s the case, then maybe alternative transportation IS your best bet. For me, however, I know that it makes very little difference if I get back to my resort at 11:20 or 11:30, so I’ll save that extra cash to buy me a late night snack.

One time I would say you SHOULD consider taking alternate transportation is if you’re running a little bit late on a morning where you’re headed to Magic Kingdom. While this could apply to any park, keep in mind that you usually have to wait in the parking lines in order to get through to the entrance. The Uber ride may save you time initially, but you’ll come to a bit of a halt when you reach the parking lot entrance lines. I specifically say Magic Kingdom here because of the (maybe sneaky) way you can avoid all of the crazy park entrance lines. Instead of taking an Uber, Lyft or taxi to Magic Kingdom, you can take it to the Contemporary Resort. After doing this last time I visited Disney World, I really don’t think I will ever go back to taking the bus on a Magic Kingdom morning. The Contemporary has it’s own walking path right up to the Magic Kingdom entrance. The best park? The walking path has it’s OWN security checkpoint! It was easily the shortest security line we waited in the whole trip, and we got to walk right past all of the long security lines at the Magic Kingdom entrance. For a pretty cheap car ride, this was definitely worth it.

Every other time, the transportation is really up to you. I, for one, think that taking advantage of the transportation systems is a huge perk of staying on site. If you can plan ahead, it can really make your trip a lot more streamlined. Plus, it’s free. I’ll take a free bus, boat, or monorail over wasting gas and paying for parking any day. With Uber, Lyft, and taxis available, you always have a second option if the Disney transportation just isn’t working out. However, overall, try to look at the Disney transportation as your friend, not your foe.

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