Magic Kingdom Rides That I Appreciate More as an Adult.

I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about with this list. There are a handful of rides at Disney World that, as a kid, I would cross my arms and pout when my parents told me that we “had to” do it. Why in the world would I want to sit around and watch a show or ride a lame ride when I could be spending my time on Space Mountain, Mom? But, now as an adult, I have come to appreciate and thoroughly enjoy many of these rides that I didn’t when I was a kid.

  1. Carousel of Progress. There may be no ride I look forward to more than Carousel of Progress. For me, this has now become a MUST DO ride any time I visit Disney World. It’s old, it’s not too exciting, and it is 20 minutes that I’m sure could be spent waiting in line for something else. But, there is something about it that makes it so quintessential Disney World to me. Plus, it’s one of the only rides in Disney World that Walt had a hand in creating. For a Disney fan like me, that’s a pretty important pull.
  2. People Mover. Let’s stay in Tomorrowland here and head over to the People Mover. This ride has not changed at ALL since I was a kid. It’s a loop around Tomorrowland showing you all that there is to see in this section of the park. You even get to go through Space Mountain! I think my feelings on the People Mover changed when I was about 12 or 13 and the lights were on in Space Mountain. That’s something I would have NEVER gotten to see if it weren’t for the People Mover. And now, as an adult, there is no better place to kick your feet up and relax during your long, busy day. Plus, there’s hardly ever a line!
  3. Peter Pan. Peter Pan is always a ride that I enjoyed as a kid. However, there is something so much more nostalgic about it as an adult. Its a super short ride. It is probably not worth the amount of time that you spend waiting in line to be on and off in less than 5 minutes. BUT there’s something about it, as an adult, that is can’t miss. Even at a park full of roller coasters and fun rides, I will still go out of my way to book a Peter Pan fast pass any time that I can.
  4. Jungle Cruise. For me, Jungle Cruise is a ride that I have gone through a bit of a roller coaster with when it came to how I felt about it. As a really small kid, it was so cool! Of course, that was when I really thought all of the animals were real. Then I was a little bit of an older kid, probably between 9-13, where I thought Jungle Cruise was so lame. I knew the animals weren’t real, and I just couldn’t bring myself to have fun on the ride. Now, I laugh out loud at the jokes the Skippers make. I’m a big fan of the “dad joke” and Jungle Cruise NAILS them every time.
  5. Country Bear Jamboree. Buff, Max, and Melvin. Enough Said. But really, this show is another quintessential Disney World must-see for me. Plus, the Country Bears are frequently out around Fronierland. How embarrassing would that be if you DIDN’T know who they were when they came up to take a picture with you?

Magic Kingdom has so many regular “must-do” rides and so many of my personal “must-do” rides that it’s hard to spend anything less than a day and a half at the park. If I’m not there for that long, it really feels like I didn’t get a chance to do all that I wanted to at Magic Kingdom. Are there any rides that YOU have come to appreciate more as an adult that I left off this list? Let me know!

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