Disney Merchandise That I Just Cannot Resist

We’ve all been there, right? You tell yourself over and over that you will NOT spend too much money on Disney merchandise. You over-pack your suitcase to ensure you have more than enough clothing option to choose from every day. You tell yourself that you don’t “need” any souvenirs from Disney World. You avoid shopping online at all costs. But all it takes is one step into that beautifully renovated World of Disney store, one “we’re just walking through the stores on Main Street to avoid the crowd” or one visit to the website to completely abandon that plan.

There is simply some Disney merchandise that, no matter how hard I try, I can’t resist. Some of these are going to seem silly. You’re going to read it and say “what in the world is that crazy, 24 year old thinking?” But somewhere in my brain, I am unable to turn these things away. It’s like this Disney merch is my kryptonite.

  1. Ears: I’m sure this one was a little bit obvious. I cannot say no to new ears. And at $28 a piece, it’s no wonder I get wide eyed at my credit card statement. They’re just so cute. They elevate anything you’re wearing and immediately make it “Disney.” And they are ever changing. Just when I thought that the Potion Purple ears were that “new new,” they come out and surprise us with BOTH the donut ears and the Small World ears on site? I mean, come on! On my recent trip, I only had 3 theme park days, and I had 3 pairs of ears. Yet, somehow, I was still getting that little urge in my body to buy another pair. I didn’t even have a full park day to wear them. Did that stop me from wanting them? Absolutely not. Ears are my #1 cannot resist merch item at Disney World, and I don’t think that is ever going to change.
  2. Spirit Jerseys: Spirit jerseys are just like ears, for me. It’s really “basic” of me to say that I can’t resist them, but it’s true. And just like ears, Disney does not stop getting innovative with their spirit jerseys. The biggest problem with being a spirit jersey addict? They are NOT cheap. I’m not saying they aren’t worth the price. At $65 each, you really have to plan your spending wisely.
  3. Mystery Pin Packs: I’m not talking about the ones where you know its going to be 5 mystery pins from a set. I’m talking about the little, Disney World packaged pin packs. This one is definitely a little odd. I’m spending $12+ for two complete mystery pins. But, I love the mystery! That $12 spent is worth it to me for just the surprise aspect when I open the package. And I get to keep two pins to either keep or trade on top of that? That’s a BIG win for me. New pins purchased means new opportunities to trade, and pin trading to me is so quintessential Disney that I can’t help myself. (Speaking of pin trading, I am doing a 4 pin giveaway on my Instagram as soon as I reach 200 followers. Only about 50 more to go! The giveaway will allow the winner to choose any 4 pins from my collection and I will send them their way. Follow my Instagram to help me reach 200!)
  4. Socks: Here’s another weird one for you. I am now obsessed with Disney themed socks. It all started with my boyfriend’s mom. For Christmas this past year, I got 6 pairs of Disney socks themed after different characters. I’m going to be honest with you, I have not stopped wearing them since. They are SO cute. Luckily, socks aren’t very expensive and won’t significantly affect your budget. Plus, we all need socks. So it doesn’t hurt to just add to the collection!
  5. Anything on Sale: Now THIS is my real kryptonite. I am a girl after a deal 100 times out of 100. Does this mean I won’t splurge on something full price? Of course not! I just talked for over 600 words about how much I spend my money on Disney merchandise. What it DOES mean is that I will find something that I absolutely do not need and the moment that I see that it is on sale, I now need it in my life immediately. I end up saving approximately $0 on sale merchandise because it is always something that I could have gone without buying and been totally fine. I just don’t know how to pass up a t-shirt that is $10 cheaper than its original cost. I didn’t even know I needed that t-shirt until I saw that it is now so much cheaper than it once was. GIVE ME!

As you can see, I’m really good at the whole “self control” thing when it comes to shopping at Disney World. Maybe writing out my personal shopping issues will help me overcome them in the future. Step one is admitting you have a problem, and that’s what I’m doing now. Although, I don’t think it’s a HUGE problem. I’m just spending my money on cute things that I like. What’s the big deal?

What’s your Disney World merchandise addiction? Do you share any of the same with me? Let me know and we can talk through our addiction together. Solidarity, people.

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