My Must-Have Makeup Items to Have During a Long Theme Park Day in Disney World

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Long Disney World days can take a toll on even the toughest makeup. Luckily, it only takes a handful of products to help freshen up your look midday. Throw these items in your park bag, and you’ll be good to go from park open to park close.

1. Face Powder

This one is an easy pull. Everyone knows the feeling of their face getting oily and discolored during a long day. Pull out your face powder and give it a little brush across your face. Your face will even out and look much fresher with just a little bit of face powder TLC.

2. Bronzer

The only problem with touching up your face powder is there’s a good chance it’ll wash out any natural color in your face. The best way to bring that back? Just a little bit of bronzer. A quick swipe on the cheekbones and around the perimeter of your forehead will immediately bring that glow back to your skin.

3. Concealer

Concealer, to me, is the “just in case” item on this list. There’s a 99% chance you won’t need to use it. But, that 1% chance is worth it. I mean, think about it. You’re in the hot Florida humidity, and you’re walking around with the sun blazing down on you. There’s every chance in the world that some dirt gets into your pores and causes a midday breakout somewhere on your face. While this is totally natural and not something to be ashamed of, I know I feel better knowing I have my trusty concealer to cover anything up if needed.

4. Mascara

This is probably just a personal preference. Mascara is one of the most important parts of my makeup routine. It takes me from looking like I just rolled out of bed to looking like I’m ready to take on the day. And no matter what I try, no mascara looks as good at 2:00 pm as it did at 8:30 am when I just finished my makeup. As my mascara fades throughout the day, it’s nice to give my lashes a quick coating to make my eyes pop.

5. Chapstick

This is an absolute no brainer. Everyone needs a good chapstick in reach at any moment. I don’t think I’d be able to survive a full day without chapstick, let alone a full Disney World park day. For any of you who prefer to have a little color on your lips, opt for a tinted chapstick. Kill two birds with one stone!

Everyone is different when it comes to their makeup preferences. Some of you may opt for no makeup, and some of you (like me) do your makeup every single day. These 5 items are the ones I find myself grabbing the most during a long, busy day in Disney World to keep me looking and feeling picture perfect. You never know what Disney World celebrities you may see and want to snap a pic with!

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