Tips To Save Money On Your Next Disney World Vacation

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If there’s one thing I know about every single Disney fan it’s that we love to find ways to save money. A Disney World vacation is definitely an investment. If you don’t live near enough to Orlando to make it a quick trip, there’s a lot that goes into planning, preparing, and paying for your Disney World vacation. Rest assured, I have some solid tips for you to save money on your next Disney World vacation!

First, and foremost, pay CLOSE attention to when Disney World hotel/package discounts come out. If you head to the main Disney World website, you will usually see a block of their current discount going on. Inevitably, the language will say that you can save “up to” a certain amount off. Don’t let this fool you. The maximum percentage here is always going to apply to the pricier hotels. But, there is still always some level of discount in place for those more affordable moderate and value resorts. If you’re unsure what level resort is best for you, check my blog about choosing your hotel here. These discounts are virtually available year round. However, they are available only if you book for certain dates by a certain date. if you’re curious what discounts may be coming up or the historical discounts year by year, visit MouseSavers. This website was a holy grail of discount information for my recent Disney World vacation.

Another way to potentially save some money is to book your room and theme park tickets separately. There are a handful of places where you can find tickets at a slightly discounted rate. Undercover Tourist is one website where I have found authentic, discounted Disney World theme park tickets. Although the money saved with this method may not be astronomical, it’s still money saved. These tickets can be linked right up with your hotel reservation, and you will still be eligible for your 60-day fastpass+ reservations. The downside to this method, in comparison to booking a Disney World Vacation Package, is that you will have to pay for your tickets in full right away. With a Disney World Vacation Package, you are only required to put down a $200 deposit to book your trip. You then have until a month out to pay the remaining balance. If you book the two separately, you will have to pay for your theme park tickets in full, which I know can be a large expense to take on at one time.

Now, if you want the ease and convenience of just booking your entire trip as a Disney World Vacation Package, that will come with “Magical Extras.” While this isn’t necessarily a “money saving” tip, a good thing is to plan a non-park day to utilize some of the free amenities you get from the Magical Extras. For example, our Magical Extras gave us 4 rounds of 18-hole mini golf at either of the two mini golf locations and 4 passes to get into the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Taking advantage of the free things in your Magical Extras package is SUPER important. If you were planning to spend a non-park day doing something else where you’d have to cough up some cash, ditch that plan and spend your time doing something included in your Magical Extras instead!

There are constantly new money saving tips coming up. I’ll always make sure to update you on things I learn, research I find, and new ideas that I come up with. If you ever have any questions, leave them in the comments or email me. I’m “all ears.” 😉

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