Disney World: The Young, Instagram Lovers Dream Land

Imagine picturesque mountains, animals grazing the savanna, and visiting a vibrant new planet. Now, imagine that you can do all of those things in the span of about an hour. That’s right. I’m talking about Animal Kingdom, folks. But, really, I’m talking about all 4 Disney World parks. Disney World is a young, Instagram junkie’s dream. Imagine all of the photos you can take when you travel into a completely unique themed land every 15 minutes. Over the course of one Disney World trip you can visit different countries, different themed areas, and futuristic worlds. The future Instagram posts you can get from that? Worth every penny!

In all seriousness, I know that no young adult would spend the money on a trip to Disney World exclusively for the “‘gram.” But, I also know that we all like to feel like we can be somewhat “artsy” and post something that our followers will really love. Getting to express some artistic freedom in a modern, social media form is something that a lot of people like me have come to love. Snap a picture with an interesting item in the forefront in front of a cool background. The main object will be the focus, but the blur of Cinderella Castle or Hollywood Tower Hotel in the background makes for a cool and interesting shot. Take a pause when you see an object, building, or park landmark from a unique and scenic location and snap a quick picture. While it may seem cheesy at the time, it sure won’t when you’re inevitably posting some pictures from your trip and scrolling through to find the best ones.

On that note, feel free to give my Instagram a follow! I would love to share my images with you all and give you new ideas for your next Disney World trip! I want to share my tips and tricks on Instagram photos, editing, and how to make yours pop, so let me know any questions you may have! (You can find me at @all.about.the.ears)

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