Magic Kindgom

We finally did it! We have come to our 4th and final Disney World theme park overview! Magic Kingdom is the center stone of Disney World. When I think of Disney World, I think of coming up on Cinderella Castle through Main Street U.S.A. My tagline for this blog is “A Disney World Guide For Young Adults & Kid at Heart.” Magic Kingdom is definitely one park that every young adult needs to embrace their inner child.

Most of my overview blogs have been about what young adults can enjoy in the theme parks. Thrill rides, alcoholic beverages, dining, and more. I’m going to be honest with you, though. My best advice to young adults at Magic Kingdom is to ditch the whole “mature” thing. Take a whirl on Winnie the Pooh and dance along with the Brier Patch crew on Splash Mountain. Be a kid again, because that’s the absolute most fun you will have at Magic Kingdom. You’ve now spent time at 3 other parks riding the thrills and being an adult in Disney World. It’s time to set your inner kid free!

That being said, don’t think that thrill rides DON’T exist in Magic Kingdom. The mountain rides will never disappoint. Splash Mountain brings you the joy of some catchy music, awesome animatronics, and 6 different drops. Splash Mountain is my idea of the pinnacle Disney World ride. It has everything that a young adult & kid at heart, like me, can enjoy. Big Thunder Mountain can be a heck of a thrill if you can snag a back row. You’ll be whipped around an get the feeling of coming out of your seat. Space Mountain is a classic. Even though this ride is one of the slowest coasters in Disney World, being surrounded my darkness really makes it feel like you’re zipping through space. Lastly, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is the newest coaster to arrive at Disney World. I know it’s not technically a “mountain,” but it basically falls into the same category. With mine carts that swing back and forth during the ride, this is definitely considered a thrill ride.

No matter what, the best park about visiting the Magic Kingdom as a young adult is getting to embrace being a kid again, and I promise you there are plenty of rides and attractions for just that. Take a ride on Dumbo and soar high in the sky. Take a quick trip to Neverland on Peter Pan. And, of course, don’t forget the classic Disney World staple of It’s a Small World. Magic Kingdom has a way with making you embrace all that it means to be a kid at heart. Even as a 24 year old, who loves a good thrill ride and an adult beverage, my boyfriend and I easily spent our most time of our recent trip at Magic Kingdom. Yet, still, it feels like we could’ve spent days more there if we had the chance.

Magic Kingdom is a no shame, judgement free zone. You can be whatever age and still enjoy everything that it has to offer.

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