Where else can you go to visit the future and travel around the world all in one day? EPCOT is Walt Disney’s original idea. EPCOT was originally set up as Walt Disney’s “city of tomorrow.” What it is not is a division of Futureworld and World Showcase. What’s crazy, to me, about EPCOT is that Futureworld and World Showcase are two concepts that may seem so different. Futureworld is there to embrace the future of technology and advancement in society, while World Showcase is there to embrace the history of the world and various countries. Yet, somehow, Disney World found a way to make these two polar opposite themes flow together seamlessly.

One way they are able to do this sits right inside the parks icon. Have you ever seen pictures of the “golf ball looking thing” at the very entrance to the park? Yeah, that thing is actually a geodesic sphere with it’s own unique attraction right inside. Spaceship Earth takes riders through the history of communication around the world and the advanced that communication has made. While still a futuristic looking attraction, the concept here ties in very well with World Showcase by harping on history.

Futureworld is also home Soarin’, another ride that combines futuristic technology with world exploration. On Soarin’, you will get to feel like you’re hang-gliding all over the world. You’ll soar (see what they did there) over historic landmarks like the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids of Egypt, and so much more. Soarin’ has a great way of being an exciting and thrilling ride while also giving you the urge to adventure and explore. What better place to do that than ride next door at World Showcase?

World Showcase is compromised of 10 different countries (11 if you count the American Adventure.) Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, U.K., and Canada make up the countries. Each country has its own attraction, show, or entertainment. Here, you can really get a glimpse into what it would be like to visit these countries. Disney World really doesn’t do anything halfway. To prove it, they have real people from each country there as representatives. Each country also has it’s own food and drinks native to their country for you to try and enjoy! For a young adult like me, this is really one of the most fun parts of visiting Disney World. Want to have a beer in Germany? What about a margarita in Mexico? As long as you’re 21+, there are 11 countries worth of food and “adult beverages” to enjoy. What a way to spend a day! Honestly, if you can’t travel the world, World Showcase is the best way to get a small glimpse.

EPCOT is completely unique, entertaining, and educational while not giving up what it means to be considered a “theme park.” A feat that many theme parks would find intimidating to try to achieve, Disney World has done to perfection.

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