About Me

So, I know I’m kind of in the middle of my Disney World theme park overview blogs, but I figured I should tell you a little bit about myself. I’m your average 24 year old girl. However, what’s different about me is I’m absolutely OBSESSED with all things Disney World. Now, I know there’s probably thousands of people who would say the exact same thing, but when I say that this is different, I really mean it. I spend hours each day researching Disney World. Most of that time is planning imaginary trips. I look through all the different resorts and room options; some that are in my budget and some that are way out of my budget. But hey, a girl has to dream. It’s just fun for me. There is nothing I would rather do with my time that research, talk about, and learn more and more about Disney World.

Basically, that’s why I’m here. There’s every chance in the world that the only person who ever reads my blog posts is my wonderful, supportive boyfriend. And if that’s the case, I’m okay with that. I wanted to create a platform for myself to express all of my thoughts, feelings, and dreams as it relates to Disney World. There’s only so much time I can spend talking my friends ears off about my passion for Disney World. So, I’ll blog about it instead!

What I want to share with any potential readers is how all the different ways that your average, young adult can REALLY enjoy Disney World. You’re not a thrill seeker? That’s totally okay. There’s much more to do at the Disney World parks than thrill rides. You don’t like heavy crowds? You can still be whisked away into the magic by staying at a Disney World resort. Do you feel like Disney World is out of your budget? I can help you with tips and tricks to help YOU afford the magical, dream vacation you’ve always wanted.

I don’t live in or around Orlando. In fact, I’m a Chicago Suburbs girl. I don’t have the money to visit Disney World multiple times a year. I’m 24 and have only had my first “real job” for about a year and a half. But I think it’s important for someone like me to blog about Disney World for young adults. I’m just a regular girl, with a Disney World obsession, who wants to help anyone and everyone that’s like me experience the Disney Magic in their own way.

This blog is going to have a lot of different tips, tricks, and information for all of the young adult Disney World fans. I’m not going to try to sell you on staying on property and spending ungodly amounts of money on a Disney World trip. I’m truly going to lay out all of the different options for you. The thing with being a young adult is that we’re in the sweet spot of having less heavy responsibility, which is great for travel purposes, but also less of an income to spend. I’m not someone coming from a lifestyle any different than you’re average young adult. Who better to get advice from than someone who is just like you?

If there is ever anything you would like to see, leave it in the comments or contact me. I’d love to delve deeper into topics that YOU want to hear more about. My ears are always open 🙂

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