Magic Kingdom Rides That I Appreciate More as an Adult.

Magic Kingdom Rides That I Appreciate More as an Adult.

I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about with this list. There are a handful of rides at Disney World that, as a kid, I would cross my arms and pout when my parents told me that we “had to” do it. Why in the world would I want to sit around and watch a show or ride a lame ride when I could be spending my time on Space Mountain, Mom? But, now as an adult, I have come to appreciate and thoroughly enjoy many of these rides that I didn’t when I was a kid.

  1. Carousel of Progress. There may be no ride I look forward to more than Carousel of Progress. For me, this has now become a MUST DO ride any time I visit Disney World. It’s old, it’s not too exciting, and it is 20 minutes that I’m sure could be spent waiting in line for something else. But, there is something about it that makes it so quintessential Disney World to me. Plus, it’s one of the only rides in Disney World that Walt had a hand in creating. For a Disney fan like me, that’s a pretty important pull.
  2. People Mover. Let’s stay in Tomorrowland here and head over to the People Mover. This ride has not changed at ALL since I was a kid. It’s a loop around Tomorrowland showing you all that there is to see in this section of the park. You even get to go through Space Mountain! I think my feelings on the People Mover changed when I was about 12 or 13 and the lights were on in Space Mountain. That’s something I would have NEVER gotten to see if it weren’t for the People Mover. And now, as an adult, there is no better place to kick your feet up and relax during your long, busy day. Plus, there’s hardly ever a line!
  3. Peter Pan. Peter Pan is always a ride that I enjoyed as a kid. However, there is something so much more nostalgic about it as an adult. Its a super short ride. It is probably not worth the amount of time that you spend waiting in line to be on and off in less than 5 minutes. BUT there’s something about it, as an adult, that is can’t miss. Even at a park full of roller coasters and fun rides, I will still go out of my way to book a Peter Pan fast pass any time that I can.
  4. Jungle Cruise. For me, Jungle Cruise is a ride that I have gone through a bit of a roller coaster with when it came to how I felt about it. As a really small kid, it was so cool! Of course, that was when I really thought all of the animals were real. Then I was a little bit of an older kid, probably between 9-13, where I thought Jungle Cruise was so lame. I knew the animals weren’t real, and I just couldn’t bring myself to have fun on the ride. Now, I laugh out loud at the jokes the Skippers make. I’m a big fan of the “dad joke” and Jungle Cruise NAILS them every time.
  5. Country Bear Jamboree. Buff, Max, and Melvin. Enough Said. But really, this show is another quintessential Disney World must-see for me. Plus, the Country Bears are frequently out around Fronierland. How embarrassing would that be if you DIDN’T know who they were when they came up to take a picture with you?

Magic Kingdom has so many regular “must-do” rides and so many of my personal “must-do” rides that it’s hard to spend anything less than a day and a half at the park. If I’m not there for that long, it really feels like I didn’t get a chance to do all that I wanted to at Magic Kingdom. Are there any rides that YOU have come to appreciate more as an adult that I left off this list? Let me know!

All About The Ears: Instagram Contest Rules

All About The Ears: Instagram Contest Rules

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Theme Park Backpack: What to Bring

Theme Park Backpack: What to Bring

I can’t go a day in a theme park without my trust backpack behind me. I’ve said this in previous blogs, but it really amazes me that my family used to travel to theme parks when I was a kid with just fanny packs. I think in our later years, my mom graduated to a drawstring bag, but still! How is it that at 24, I needed a full size backpack for just myself and my mom managed a family of 4 in a fanny pack? Maybe the times have changed. I honestly don’t know. But, what I do know, is what you have in your backpack or bag on your theme park days is really important. I’m not going to mention the obvious things here. Of course you need your wallet, your phone, your magic band, etc. This list is some of your not so obvious, must-haves.

  • Snacks: ALWAYS PACK SNACKS! You will be hungry. Probably more hungry than you are on an average day. Having snacks will prevent you from having to spend money every time you’re hungry. Now, you’ll spend money on just meals and snacks you really want to eat.
  • Sunscreen: Even in the more modest months, I would say sunscreen is a must-have. If you’re going in Florida Winter, bring a little travel size sunscreen. You definitely won’t need a full bottle, but there could always be a random day where it’s very hot and sunny. Be prepared!
  • Water Bottle: This one is a no brainer. There’s water fountains all over theme parks. Don’t be that person who spends $5 on bottled water every time you’re thirsty. Put a TON of ice in your water bottle before you leave your hotel, and continue to fill up on free water during the day.
  • Ponchos: I was totally, 100% the person saying “I won’t wear a poncho in Disney World.” Are they cute? Not really. But it’s so much more convenient than an umbrella. It’s more compact, it’s easier to walk around with, and it’s the one place in the world where you won’t be judged for wearing a poncho. Extra pro tip: buy cheap ponchos somewhere outside of Disney World. If you really want a poncho with something Disney on it, some of the stores (Target, Walmart, etc.) around Disney will have ponchos with Mickey or Minnie on them. They’re a little pricier than the standard ponchos, but they are A LOT cheaper than the ones in the parks. Or, splurge on the park ones if you want. To each their own!
  • My Must-Have Makeup: Read this blog for my must-haves and why I say so. Just out here plugging my other blogs 😉
  • Flip Flops: Again, this one is good year round just in case. We all love Splash Mountain. What do I not love about Splash? Just the thought of it getting my feet wet with gym shoes and socks on and being forced to walk like that all day. Blister city. Avoid all of that annoyance by packing a cheap pair of flip flops. Throw them on before you get in line, and you’ll be able to put on your dry shoes and socks after the ride is over.
  • Extra Socks: On that note, always pack extra socks. Even if you don’t do water rides, and you stay dry all day long. They say one of the best things for your feet is to just change your socks. Even though you didn’t do water rides, the gross truth is that your feet are still sweating and causing that moisture to be contained in your socks. Switch them out for a fresh pair once or twice. Yes, that may mean you pack 15 pairs of socks for 5 days, but it’s a lot better than having painful, blsitery feet. Take it from me.
  • Portable Charger: This is huge. Having a portable charger in the 21st century is a must. I brought 3 every day on my recent trip. Even though 90% of the time I didn’t have to use them, it was the comfort of knowing they were there if I needed them. I never had to worry about my phone dying. First World problems, I know. But that’s the reality a lot of us live in, so we may as well be prepared.
  • Plastic Baggies: This is my inner mom coming out at ya. I’m 24, but I am so Mom in Disney World it’s almost unbelievable. Plastic baggies are a must have for water rides, especially in the summer. For those of you who don’t know, they tend to turn off or lessen some of the water features on the water rides during the colder months. If you were guaranteed to get soaking wet even in the 50 degree weather, no one would want to go. Having plastic baggies for your electronics is crucial in ensuring they will also make it through the water rides. Again, there’s a chance you never even touch them, but they take up virtually no space so it doesn’t hurt to have.
  • Clothing Additions (depending on the season): This really depends on when you’re going, but I think any season could benefit. If you’re going in the dead middle of the summer when it’s the hottest, you may want to bring extra shirts. Long theme park days in the sun = sweaty. A fresh shirt could do you good. If you’re going in the winter or fall, it could be warm during the day but get cool at night. Pack a long sleeve t-shirt or a sweatshirt to save yourself from a pricey gift shop trip.
  • Deodorant: My only explanation will be a little math equation. Long days + sweating = smelly. Smelly + deodorant = not smelly anymore. You’re welcome. Math lesson, over.

I’m sure there are things on this list that I didn’t mention. Anything you think is crucial that I left off? Let me know!

Why Disney World After Hours May Be Perfect for You

Why Disney World After Hours May Be Perfect for You

Disney After Hours events are a relatively new thing that Disney World has started to do. I believe it was around the beginning of 2018 when Disney World started to offer a hard ticketed, limited attendance event to anyone who was willing to cough up the extra cash for it. What started at just Magic Kingdom has now spread to both Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios as well. After attending one of these events last month, I’m here to share my thoughts on After Hours.

After Hours, for me and my boyfriend, was a Christmas gift from my parents. With such a short trip to Disney World (5 days, 4 nights, and 3 park hopper tickets), I really wanted to make sure that we maximized our time there and got to experience everything that we wanted to. This was going to be our first trip to Disney World together and, as two avid Disney fans, we really wanted to make sure it was extra special. Not to mention, I just needed that perfect castle pic, too.

Our After Hours event took place on a Monday night. For us, we were able to get in the park as early as we wanted since we had our park hopper ticket already for that day. All we had to do was head to one of the in-park locations to get our wristbands for the night. Having that park hopper to get in early was a really good thing for us, and it really helped us get everything we wanted done that night. However, if you don’t have either a Magic Kingdom ticket or a park hopper ticket, you won’t be able to enter for your After Hours event until 7:00. If this were the case for us, I don’t know how I would have felt. We would have gotten from 7:00-11:00 only for the night. Keep an eye on this when you purchase your After Hours tickets. If you go at a time that is typically warmer, the parks tend to be open later. You will always be able to get in at 7:00 (as of now) for the event, but how late your event goes really depends on the time of the year. I have seen some events that are as late as 1:00 AM. 7:00-1:00 AM is a good 6 hours of park time. It may be worth it for you to avoid a normal, daytime ticket altogether and just opt for the After Hours ticket that day instead.

Crowd level for this event was awesome. Even though many people who had attended After Hours events in the past said it was busier than usual, I still thought that being able to walk on virtually every ride (and wait maybe 5-10 minutes for Mine Train) was a huge plus side for this event. It’s not often that you can walk right onto Big Thunder Mountain or Space Mountain without a Fastpass. I really do think that we probably got more done as far as attractions go at this After Hours event than we did the full day that we had at Magic Kingdom later in the trip.

After Hours is a really good idea for people like us. What I can’t imagine is spending that kind of money on the event when you go with a larger group or as a family. It’s significantly harder to coordinate where to go next when there are a lot of different personalities that you have to cater to. When it’s just one or two of you, like us, it doesn’t take a lot of decision making time when choosing where to go next. It’s also a really late night event. Like I said, ours only went until 11:00 at night, and even I was ready for bed after that. I can’t imagine a kid being able to make it until 11:00, 12:00 or 1:00 am for that event. And, honestly, if you don’t plan to make use of all the time you have there, I really don’t know if spending the money is worth it.

All in all, I REALLY loved the Disney After Hours event and I’m looking forward to doing it again. When you are taking a short trip to Disney World, I think you really get good bang for you buck when it comes to the event itself. Especially when you throw complimentary ice cream novelties, popcorn, and coke products into the mix. To be honest, free stuff always makes everything better! I wanted to share my thoughts on these events because I know that, when planning a Disney vacation, people really want to know what others think. But YOU know the best how this event will work for you.

Have you been to an After Hours event? Tell me about it! Did you think it was worth the money? What would you change?

Disney World Hair Tips

Disney World Hair Tips

Disney World vacations already mean waking up super early in the morning. The park opens at 9:00 am and you want to be the first person on that super popular ride. That means you’re up by 7:00, ready to leave your hotel by 7:30, and hopping on a bus or in an Uber to get to the park no later than 8:00. I’ve been to Disney World a time or two, so I know what the deal is with those Disney theme park mornings. Want to know what makes it even worse? Being a girl who likes to feel pretty and put together and has a mane of hair that needs to be reigned in to look even half decent.

I have VERY long hair. I am also lucky enough to have the kind of hair that is just awkwardly in the middle when it comes to it’s style. It’s definitely not curly, it’s not really wavy, and it’s also not straight. LUCKY ME! I don’t have the luxury of being able to roll out of bed, brush my hair, throw some product in it, and be good to go. I would quite literally look crazy if I tried to do this. So, over my years, I have learned how I can make my hair work when I know I’m going to be in a pinch in the morning. If you’re like me, I have some tips for you!

Plan things out ahead of time. I don’t wash my hair every night. Typically, I will wash my hair every other night and choose night time rather than in the morning. Some of these tips will work better on your no-wash night, and some will work better on your wash night. I’ll tell you my preferences with each tip and when I think it works best.

Curl your hair the night before. I do this constantly. For one, it gets you out of having to spend that 30-45 minutes curling your hair in the morning. It also allows your curls to fall a little bit. For me, I like when my curls look a little bit more wavy than like ringlets. So I LOVE the way it looks after I sleep on it. Spoiler alert: it’s not going to be perfect. 9 times out of 10, I have to touch up a piece here and a piece there. But 5 minutes of touch ups compared to 45 minutes of curling is a deal I’ll take every single time. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “Megan, that doesn’t do anything because you’re just spending your time staying up later the night before.” Right. That’s true. These are facts. But think about it for a second. Do you REALLY get home from your Disney park day and immediately fall asleep? Most of us don’t. You may get a snack or a quick bite to eat from the dining location on property, you probably turn on the TV and kick back. If you’re going to be awake anyway, may as well put that time to good use! For me, I usually do this when I have either washed my hair the night before or that morning. It’s now been a full day, my hair is dirty enough to hold a curl but not TOO dirty that I definitely need to wash it again. It’s the perfect texture to hold a decent curl overnight.

Go with whatever is closest to your natural texture if you washed your hair the night before. For me, my hair is definitely not straight. But, that is probably the closest style to my hair. For mornings where I washed my hair the night before, I will usually choose to straighten it in the morning. Straightening my hair isn’t my favorite look, but it is quick, it looks nice, and it gets the job done. If you’re more of a wavy haired/curly haired gal, go with that. See how your natural hair is in the morning and do some touch ups however you need.

Half-up, half-down is such a go-to look for me in either of these situations. Why? It means you basically only have to do half of your hair. Neither of my above tips are completely fool proof. Sometimes, my newly washed hair dries crazy overnight and even straightening it will take a lifetime. Sometimes my curls will get totally lost or just have a mind of their own after sleeping on it. While these things don’t happen a lot, they can happen. Doing a half pony or half messy bun allows you to have a cute, trendy hair look while only having to “do” half of your hair. This tip is my trusty back up plan in all parts of my life, and it has never let me down. My favorite way to make this look flawless is to swap your hair tie for a scrunchie. It either gives your ponytail and extra little lift or it gives a more uniform “messy” look to your bun. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; if you can get your hands on a Dew Edit scrunchie, get it! They are totally worth the price and make this look flawless. I am not kidding when I say I refresh that page multiple times a day waiting for Kaitlyn to drop more scrunchies.

These tips are some that I use when I know that I could benefit from just a little extra sleep before a long day, Disney days included. If you feel comfortable throwing your hair up and you feel beautiful that way, you do you. This is me. I know that I like to feel confident in all walks of life and being at a theme park doesn’t just allow me to remove that part of my personality. If you’re anything like me, feel free to use these tips on your next trip to Disney World. Let me know if you’ve done any of these things before, or if you will try it out.

Disney Merchandise That I Just Cannot Resist

Disney Merchandise That I Just Cannot Resist

We’ve all been there, right? You tell yourself over and over that you will NOT spend too much money on Disney merchandise. You over-pack your suitcase to ensure you have more than enough clothing option to choose from every day. You tell yourself that you don’t “need” any souvenirs from Disney World. You avoid shopping online at all costs. But all it takes is one step into that beautifully renovated World of Disney store, one “we’re just walking through the stores on Main Street to avoid the crowd” or one visit to the website to completely abandon that plan.

There is simply some Disney merchandise that, no matter how hard I try, I can’t resist. Some of these are going to seem silly. You’re going to read it and say “what in the world is that crazy, 24 year old thinking?” But somewhere in my brain, I am unable to turn these things away. It’s like this Disney merch is my kryptonite.

  1. Ears: I’m sure this one was a little bit obvious. I cannot say no to new ears. And at $28 a piece, it’s no wonder I get wide eyed at my credit card statement. They’re just so cute. They elevate anything you’re wearing and immediately make it “Disney.” And they are ever changing. Just when I thought that the Potion Purple ears were that “new new,” they come out and surprise us with BOTH the donut ears and the Small World ears on site? I mean, come on! On my recent trip, I only had 3 theme park days, and I had 3 pairs of ears. Yet, somehow, I was still getting that little urge in my body to buy another pair. I didn’t even have a full park day to wear them. Did that stop me from wanting them? Absolutely not. Ears are my #1 cannot resist merch item at Disney World, and I don’t think that is ever going to change.
  2. Spirit Jerseys: Spirit jerseys are just like ears, for me. It’s really “basic” of me to say that I can’t resist them, but it’s true. And just like ears, Disney does not stop getting innovative with their spirit jerseys. The biggest problem with being a spirit jersey addict? They are NOT cheap. I’m not saying they aren’t worth the price. At $65 each, you really have to plan your spending wisely.
  3. Mystery Pin Packs: I’m not talking about the ones where you know its going to be 5 mystery pins from a set. I’m talking about the little, Disney World packaged pin packs. This one is definitely a little odd. I’m spending $12+ for two complete mystery pins. But, I love the mystery! That $12 spent is worth it to me for just the surprise aspect when I open the package. And I get to keep two pins to either keep or trade on top of that? That’s a BIG win for me. New pins purchased means new opportunities to trade, and pin trading to me is so quintessential Disney that I can’t help myself. (Speaking of pin trading, I am doing a 4 pin giveaway on my Instagram as soon as I reach 200 followers. Only about 50 more to go! The giveaway will allow the winner to choose any 4 pins from my collection and I will send them their way. Follow my Instagram to help me reach 200!)
  4. Socks: Here’s another weird one for you. I am now obsessed with Disney themed socks. It all started with my boyfriend’s mom. For Christmas this past year, I got 6 pairs of Disney socks themed after different characters. I’m going to be honest with you, I have not stopped wearing them since. They are SO cute. Luckily, socks aren’t very expensive and won’t significantly affect your budget. Plus, we all need socks. So it doesn’t hurt to just add to the collection!
  5. Anything on Sale: Now THIS is my real kryptonite. I am a girl after a deal 100 times out of 100. Does this mean I won’t splurge on something full price? Of course not! I just talked for over 600 words about how much I spend my money on Disney merchandise. What it DOES mean is that I will find something that I absolutely do not need and the moment that I see that it is on sale, I now need it in my life immediately. I end up saving approximately $0 on sale merchandise because it is always something that I could have gone without buying and been totally fine. I just don’t know how to pass up a t-shirt that is $10 cheaper than its original cost. I didn’t even know I needed that t-shirt until I saw that it is now so much cheaper than it once was. GIVE ME!

As you can see, I’m really good at the whole “self control” thing when it comes to shopping at Disney World. Maybe writing out my personal shopping issues will help me overcome them in the future. Step one is admitting you have a problem, and that’s what I’m doing now. Although, I don’t think it’s a HUGE problem. I’m just spending my money on cute things that I like. What’s the big deal?

What’s your Disney World merchandise addiction? Do you share any of the same with me? Let me know and we can talk through our addiction together. Solidarity, people.

Fashion Dos and Don’ts in Disney World

Fashion Dos and Don’ts in Disney World

**Follow my blog if you’re loving these Disney World topics! I’d love to have you along for the journey, and to cater even more to what all of my fellow Disney World fans want to hear about. I look forward to your input!**

Disney fashion has become a pretty hot topic since the expansion of social media. Everyone wants to share their own advice on what to wear and how to wear it for your Disney World vacation. Lucky for you, my dos and don’ts list is pretty short. Actually, it’s only a do’s list, and there’s only one do on there.

Do: Wear whatever it is that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Do you feel confident if you Disney Bound as your favorite character? Rock it! Do you feel comfortable wearing shorts and a t-shirt with your favorite gym shoes? Awesome! Do you feel the most picturesque wearing a dress? Go for it! There is nothing (aside from the rules that Disney has set up) that you can’t wear.

It’s really easy to get caught up in what the trends are. I’m a victim of this, too. I this Disney Bounding is so cool. I love the way that all of the dedicated Disney fans can turn street wear into a look that mimics that of their favorite characters. But, for me, I don’t feel confident in that. Should I feel bad or like I’m not a big enough Disney fan because I don’t Disney Bound? No. But, it’s easy to feel that way. I also love the looks that I see on Pinterest and Instagram posts. The outfits that people put together are always so cute and trendy. But, I know myself and I know my body. Those looks aren’t going to be the same on me as they are on others.

So, pack up your favorite outfits. What is it that you tend to lean toward when you’re getting dressed each day? What are the looks that you have felt the most comfortable and confident in? That’s what you should bring with you to Disney World. If you want to take a risk and try something new, go for it! There’s nothing holding you back. Just don’t pack up your suitcase in hopes that you will live up to the expectations of social media Disney fashion. Disney World is about being able to get away from the real world, be a kid again, and have fun. No one needs the added pressure of lacking confidence or comfort. Be YOU, always.

I lied. This blog does actually have one don’t. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself with your Disney fashion. Express who you are, embrace what makes you confident, and don’t ever try to be something you’re not.